take a trip in the wayback machine with us…

Ethan grew up around racing in Wisconsin. His dad raced a Triumph TR4a in D production throughout the 1970's and 80’s, so Ethan spent many weekends of the summer at Blackhawk Farms, Road America, Grattan, and other midwestern road courses. Ethan began his own racing career in SCCA in 1996, went to Europe in 1999 to try his hand at the Winfield Academy at Circuit Paul Ricard in Formula Renault, before moving back to the US. His travels eventually led him to California and ultimately the watchful tutelage of Dave Vegher.

Ethan spent almost 17 years working for Dave, starting as the cleanup kid, eventually progressing through the ladder ending up running the prep shop in 2015 and overseeing every part of the process from car build and setup, car development and testing, and logistical planning and staff management. He also has established himself as a development/test driver and driver coach teaching driving programs to help educate drivers of every experience level.

2019 sees him going on his own with Shippert Racing Services. Moving into a shop at Sonoma Raceway will allow SRS a close connection with the testing program, driver and chassis development, and being part of the community that is the motorsports industrial park. Since 1996, Ethan has driven over 100 different racecars. He has 22 national event wins, 40 pole positions, and multiple lap records and Ethan shares his knowledge as a driver to all his clients, helping them use their own strengths to find their way to the front of the grid. His skill set as a mechanic helps him to work with his drivers to tune the cars to their liking, and his ability as a driver helps him to set cars up to be sharp but confidence inspiring, lively but even tempered.

Ethan invites you to call SRS and discuss how he can help you get to the front!